Join Journalism!

Be the eyes and ears of Ankeny High.

Vivian Wu


Alissa Hansen

2021 Talon Staff

Why Journalism?

Be a voice for the community and the Hawk Nest.

Cover real topics for real audiences using real skills. Not everyone who takes journalism goes on to pursue it after high school, but the skills gained transfer over into all fields and careers!

  1. It is STUDENT RUN. 
  3. We go on TRIPS. 
  5. You make a TON OF FRIENDS! 

Journalism offers journalistic writing experiences such as: news, sports, opinion, features, entertainment, survey polls, infographics, photography, design, and so much more!

  • You have the opportunity to be published,
  • Gain writing/interviewing experience needed for publications,
  • Report on school events,
  • Go on field trips, host events, and participate in contests, 
  • Looks great on college applications & scholarships,
  • Attend summer workshops/camps (MediaNow! At Drake) to gain and hone skills, network, and meet friends,
  • Resume builder, 
  • Gain writing and interviewing skills (21st Century skills),
  • Write about issues that are important to you,
  • Meet new people,
  • Gain a sense of responsibility and respect.

Come visit us 2nd period in room 2413 to see what we do. Interested, come talk to a Talon staffer and adviser Mrs.  Hansen for more information.

The Talon newsroom

[email protected]

Room 2413