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 The National Champion Mock Trial team has placed Ankeny in the highest level, a level not typically seen for public schools. “There were tons of Ivy League prep schools—like the $40,000+ a year Princeton Day School from New Jersey that we eliminated in the second round—and so Ankeny stood out as a public school,” assistant coach of the Miller-Metzger Academy, Joe Metzger said. “We showed that not only can public school kids compete with prestigious prep schools. We can beat them.”

AHS Mock Trial: National Champions

Joanna Guerrero and Vivian Wu May 24, 2023

For the first time in the history of Ankeny High School, the Mock Trial team won the National High School Mock Trial Championship. The championship was hosted in Little Rock, Arkansas from May 18 to the...

The Miller-Metzger Academy with their coaches. From left to right: Stephanie Gray, Hannah Pross, Nicki Casady, Sareena Casady, Marissa Larson-Minar, Mallory Jordan, Hayden DeWitt, Chloe Andersen, Grant Miner, Marcus Miller, Noah Yeager, Joe Metzger, Raegan Hansen, Amy Akers.

AHS Mock Trial team wins State, Nationals next

Vivian Wu, Web/Print/Multimedia Editor; Videographer April 6, 2023

Ankeny Mock Trial’s Miller-Metzger Academy team won state finals at the 2023 Iowa High School Mock Trial Tournament on Wed., March 29. The team will continue on to the 2023 National High School Mock...

The 2022-2023 school year has been the first year at Ankeny High for many administrators  including Principal Dr. Daniel Johnson. Administrators hope to improve and build relationships with students at Ankeny High School. “We are being transparent and being communicative to build relationships [with students]., Dr. Johnson said. One reason why you always see me in the hallways.”

Restorative practices equal positive behaviors

Joanna Guerrero, Social Media Editor March 28, 2023

Restorative Practice is a progressive way of dealing with disciplinary issues in the classroom. They are strategies that aim to build positive relationships among students with teachers. It focuses on...

Ankeny students rally just outside of Ankeny High School holding pride flags and listening to speakers share personal stories about empowerment, frustrations, and hurt with regards to anti-LGBTQ legislation.  Ankeny High School students took part in a state-wide walkout along with 46 other schools and a total of 10,000 students on March 1. The walkout, organized by the Iowa Queer Student Alliance and Iowa WTF, was formed in response to recent legislation circulating the capitol. An estimated number of 150 students, grade 8-12, walked outside of the high school, waving rainbow flags and holding posters.

The march continues

Vivian Wu, Web/Print/Multimedia Editor; Videographer March 5, 2023

Protests, marches, and walkouts continue across Iowa as anti-LGBTQ legislation makes its way to the Capitol. So far 33 anti-LGBTQ laws have been introduced at the Iowa Capitol. Among these are House...

“Everyone is welcome no matter what part of the community youre a part of or not a part of, Iowa QSA and Iowa WTF member, walk out organizer, and senior Jemma Bullock said.
The walk out seeks to bring attention to recent legislation in Iowa. Iowa WTF put together a list of Iowa legislative bills to watch. The group, according to their Instagram page is “A coalition of young people fighting discriminatory legislation through advocacy, activism, and civic engagement.”

AHS students to take part in state-wide walkout against recent legislation

Vivian Wu, Web/Print/Multimedia Editor; Videographer February 28, 2023

On Wednesday, March 1, at 1:05 p.m., students from Ankeny High School will take part in a walkout for LGBTQ+ rights, along with 14 other Iowa public schools. These walkouts are in protest of the recent...

The Ankeny Community School Districts current strategic plan, which outlines the districts operations from 2022 to 2027, is divided into three pillars, each representing a set of goals relating to a different part of the education process. The first focuses on preparing students for success after high school, the second focuses on effective teachers, building leadership, and other staff throughout the district, and the third focuses on providing students with a learning environment that enhances education.

‘This is a five year plan, and this is only year one’

Noa Jones, Editor; Staff Reporter November 21, 2022

Ankeny Community School District’s new five-year strategic plan begins implementation this school year, and is intended to guide district-wide improvements in various areas. The strategic plan can be...

Awareness behind it all

Natalie Jasso and Kaylie Brandhorst  November 7, 2022

Ankeny High School students admit to being unaware to policies, laws, bills, and the educational stake in the upcoming midterm elections in Iowa.  Midterm elections are just around the corner on Nov....

AHS students spend their open period studying in the library. Many students have crowded the library since the beginning of the year to find a quiet space to work on homework. “The library is really nice to study in because it is really quiet,” junior Sophie Rolfing said.

Grades vs. mental health: students voice their concerns

Gabby Risk, Staff Reporter; Web Editor May 5, 2022

When it comes to high school, grades can be a huge part of a student’s success. But how much is too much? At Ankeny High School, students voice their opinions about how the pressure to perform well academically...

The pandemic changes perceptions and protocols when it comes to standardized testing. When schools put intense pressure on students to get a high ACT score, students begin to define their intelligence through their score which isnt always a fair representation, junior Jayda Archer said.

COVID-19 impacts: standardized testing

Raj Vincent Bete, Staff Reporter May 3, 2022

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, colleges and universities are reconsidering the necessity for standardized testing in their admission process. As the new approaches are being applied to the standards, a...

Ankeny High School Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) and Student Political Engagement Club (SPEC) will host a fundraiser on Tuesday, April 19 to support transgender students and bring awareness to legislation recently put in place, such as House File 2416.

‘Victory for girls’ sports’?

Lauren Kemp, Editor; Staff Reporter April 14, 2022

The Ankeny High School Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) and Student Political Engagement Club (SPEC) plan to host a fundraiser before and after school on Tuesday, April 19 to support transgender students and...

Will the paper towel dispensers be replenished this school year? The answer is not likely, according to AHS administration. Bathroom incidents are on the rise and this is causing frustrations on all fronts.

Students get answers about paper towels in bathrooms

Sophia Rohlfing, Staff Reporter April 5, 2022

Do you wonder why there are no paper towels in the student bathrooms? The Tik Tok trend “devious licks,” saw the destruction and vandalism of Ankeny High and with it the removal of the paper towels...

AHSs mixed varsity show choir Visual Adrenaline performs Heal Their Their hearts/Freedom at the Southeast Polk Ramification Showcase on Feb. 26. This performance won them third place overall.

Show Choir: the pretty, the gritty, and the challenges

Scott Kruse, Business Editor March 25, 2022

Show choir is one of Ankeny High School’s (AHS) longer-running activities and one that comes with a lot of behind-the-scenes time commitments. Despite this, members manage to find joy in show choir and...

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