Marching Band Season 2021


Published with permission by Price Jacobsen

Ankeny Marching Hawks are at the 2021 Waukee Invitational performance. Ankeny won more competitions this year than in the previous years, winning valley fest for the first time since 1997 according to Ankeny School’s announcement page, winning by only a tenth of a point. “It’s been incredible to build friendships with new people and see the amount of growth of individuals and the band as a whole,” junior and drum major Jayda Archer said.

The anticipation is overwhelming. The lights are blinding, and the crowd is dead silent. The aroma of a marching band is unlike any other. The Ankeny Marching Hawks have placed first at Valley High School’s marching competition, first at Urbandale’s marching band competition, and second at Cedar Rapids Prairie competition. A wildly successful marching band season ended with a performance during Ankeny High School’s Senior Night that concluded their musical chapter and will lead into the concert and jazz band season.

“Through the early mornings and late nights, through the nail-biting performances, the marching band has built some of my closest bonds with people who are just as passionate as myself,”  trombone section leader and sophomore Carsen Broich said.

Other students of the marching band are just as enthusiastic.

“MARCHING BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND!”  tuba section leader and junior Sam Stember said.

Marching band is seemingly life, and members will tell you no different.

“Marching band is a safe space for everyone and gives a huge sense of community and family through all of the stress, sweat, and ridiculous hours of the day will be something that we all cherish forever,” tuba section leader Mallorie Mcguire said. 

The love for this extracurricular activity shows through the students who participated in it. The hard work pays off, and the emotions during AHS  Senior Night were high, many students had mixed emotions of sadness and joy. The crowd cheered as the Marching Hawks played through their show, showing their support for the final time of the season.

“When the entire marching band comes together and is complete in the end, it looks good with everyone working together,” drum major and senior Raj Bete said. 

It seems as if teamwork and hard work paying off are the motivators for such a grand season. Mr. Musel, a student-teacher under the direction of Head Band Director Jennifer Williams, consistently used the phrase “Four for nothin!” (a phrase used to refer to four counts before the marching band would step off). 

Ankeny won more competitions this year than in the previous years, winning valley fest for the first time since 1997 according to Ankeny School’s announcement page, winning by a tenth of a point. A close split decision made Ankeny the top placing marching band in the state of Iowa during the year 2021. The stands erupted in cheers as Ankeny was placed 1st over the speaker system at Valley by announcer Brandt Crocker.

The seas of students roared in approval, showing great sportsmanship throughout the night.

 “It’s been a crazy fun ride, so proud of all the work that students and staff have put in to make this season a very successful one,” Williams said.