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  • 5/21 Seniors Last Day!
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  • 5/21 Softball @ ADM High School
  • 5/22 Boys Soccer IHSAA
  • 5/22 Boys Tennis @ Hawkeye Tennis Complex
  • 5/22 Baseball @ Waukee Baseball Complex
  • 5/22 Softball @ Waukee Softball Complex
  • 5/22 Boys Soccer @ Northview
  • 5/23 Girls Soccer vs. IGHSAU
  • 5/24 Girls Tennis State @ Hawkeye Tennis Complex
  • 5/24 Softball @ Johnston

The Talon

The Talon

The childrens section at Ankeny Kirkendall Public Library features a wide variety of picture books. A few of the books featured are Flower for Sarajevo by John McCutcheon, Late Nate in a Race by Emily Arnold McCully, and more.

‘The narrative is everything is great in Ankeny, but that may not be the case for every facility and for every kid’

Lydia Gerety, Staff Reporter December 6, 2023

Ankeny students remember their love for reading starting in elementary school, but they might not have realized some of their peers were struggling in the very thing they enjoyed. At some Ankeny elementary...

Since the inception of Ankeny High’s dual enrollment program with DMACC in the early 2000s, AHS students have had access to a number of college-level courses right in the building. English teacher Karin Cowger, who has been teaching at AHS since the beginning of the program said she’s enjoyed watching students take advantage of the opportunity and the challenge that comes with it. “We have more kids in the program…I think [the growth of the program] has been not necessarily what we’re doing, but how many kids have been affected by it.”

Ankeny students making the most of opportunities with college credit

Hannah Howard, Staff Reporter December 5, 2023

As the year flies by, students are starting to look towards their futures. With many students looking at college as their next step, the dual enrollment program has become a key factor in many students’...

The Ankeny Community School Districts current strategic plan, which outlines the districts operations from 2022 to 2027, is divided into three pillars, each representing a set of goals relating to a different part of the education process. The first focuses on preparing students for success after high school, the second focuses on effective teachers, building leadership, and other staff throughout the district, and the third focuses on providing students with a learning environment that enhances education.

‘This is a five year plan, and this is only year one’

Noa Jones, Editor; Staff Reporter November 21, 2022

Ankeny Community School District’s new five-year strategic plan begins implementation this school year, and is intended to guide district-wide improvements in various areas. The strategic plan can be...

The Talon News team held a press conference with five of the seven candidates running for Ankeny School Board election on Thursday, Oct. 28 at Ankeny High School. Candidates spoke on a wide variety of topics including the importance of empowering leadership, diversity and inclusion, and providing safe and welcoming environments for all in the Ankeny Community School District. 

Candidates pictured from left to right: Lori Bullock, Joy Burk, Shelly Northway, Lori Lovstad, and Sarah Barthole

A conversation with Ankeny School Board candidates

With local elections approaching, the Talon news team met with five of the seven Ankeny School Board candidates looking to fill the three open seats. Candidates Joy Burk, Lori Bullock, Sarah Barthole,...

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