Football student sections: the reality

Behind the scenes of the AHS football student section



The AHS student section hold up flashlights during the Homecoming game against Valley High School at Ankeny’s stadium on Sept. 30, 2022.

Ava Tomlinson, Web/Print/Multimedia Editor

There is a cheerful mood throughout the student section tonight. It is the Homecoming football game against Valley and you are crammed in so tight with one another that you have difficulty moving. Everyone is here tonight to see the court walk down the field together. Tons of students are yelling and screaming all around you, hoping that you will win tonight’s game.  

The student section at high school events might not always be what they seem. Questions have been raised regarding the environment within the student section at Ankeny High School (AHS).

The student section is a place where students can represent their school by supporting the various activities that it provides. However, some have spoken out and have started to question whether the section is successful in supporting each activity offered at AHS.

Recently, comments about the student section seem to fall on the negative side.

“Most people think the student sections are miserable because everyone is yelling at each other,” junior Josie Parton said.

Something that has been brought to attention is the feeling of a divide among each class. 

Seniors Carlee Strubb (left) and Piper Jefferson (right), smile at the camera before kickoff at the AHS Homecoming game against Valley HS. The game was played on Ankeny’s turf Sept. 30, 2022. Photo by Ava Tomlinson

“I do see a big divide,” senior Jemma Bullock said.

Each class seems to have their own ideas as to what the student section should look like.

“The seniors have the most energy, the most school spirit, they always dress out, they have their senior pants on, and they are at the forefront,” Bullock said. “The juniors are kind of similar, but not as energetic. Then the sophomores are just sitting down, and I don’t even see freshmen there.” 

With an entire new team of administrators in the 2022 to 2023 school year, along with other new staff throughout the building, students feel as though they are also being affected by these changes.

“A lot of changes with teachers, even with Mr. Lage being gone. It’s affecting academics because there are a lot of new teachers,” junior Sydney Howe said. “A lot of teachers that we all heard of before, and knew, are gone.”

Throughout these changes, students feel more isolated from each other.

“The student body doesn’t seem as connected this year as it was last year,” Howe said.

The lack of communication between classes seems to have brought problems along with it.

The AHS student section waves the United States flag after scoring a touchdown against Valley HS at the AHS stadium during the Homecoming game on Sept. 30, 2022. Photo by Ava Tomlinson

Some have expressed concerns with the senior class.

“They yell at us, and they always act like it’s the junior’s fault that our student section is not loud,” Parton said.

On the outside, the student section might seem like a fun experience to take part in. However,  some on the inside beg to differ.  

 “I see high schoolers trying to act like they have control and I think what parents see is a bunch of teenagers having fun when it’s not the same,” Parton said.