Teri Wilson’s A Spot of Trouble

Do you love dogs? And romance? Then you should read this book!


Teri Wilson

A Spot of Trouble by Teri Wilson.

Brianna Peterson, Staff Reporter

Dalmations, softball, and crazy enemies, to lovers’ romance, are all encompassed in Teri Wilson’s book, A Spot of Trouble. Her book dives right into the plot without a hitch, grabbing the reader’s attention with the very first sentence and drawing them in through to the end.

The way Wilson writes her characters is lovely and creative, pulling at your heartstrings, not only with main characters Violet March and Sam Nash but also with their dalmatians, Sprinkles, and Cinder. She writes Violet as the town sweetheart, just as crazy and colorful as her beloved dog, Sprinkles, making you love her as much as the town does. Sam, new to town as he tries to start his life over again, is entwined into the town’s chaos flawlessly with his dalmatian, Cinder, no longer making Turtle Beach a one-dalmatian town.

Wilson kept the story flowing exceptionally well and it constantly had me going back, never wanting to put her book down. The dalmatian craziness and softball rivalry are truly addicting.

Something else that I appreciated about Wilson’s book was how she adds a twist to the original firefighter clichė, which personally drew me in even more. It wasn’t your average fireman running off to fight fires and rescue the girl. Instead, she made it unique and her own, which I loved.

The setting is in the small town of Turtle Beach, North Carolina. A place where everything is connected in that wonderful small community way, from the town’s traditions to the characters who have been there almost as long as the town itself. She really uses the community to draw the story together and bring on all the feels.

My only wish from this book was that Wilson had ended the book a little differently, rather than the almost cliffhanger feel it left me with. I would have gladly taken more, but all in all, A Spot of Trouble is a short and sweet, feel-good book that I would ten out of ten recommend for dog and romance lovers alike.