National French Week

Presented to you by the French Honors Society

Jemma Bullock, Staff Reporter; Movie Reviewer

From Nov. 1-5, students in the French Honors Society organized events to celebrate National French Week. Student members organized activities after school for all students to participate in that were centered around French culture. Throughout the week, students could also answer trivia questions that were scattered around AHS and submit them by Thursday for prizes. 


Monday: Movie Monday (“Nailed It: France”)

Tuesday: French cheese tasting 

Wednesday: French board games

Thursday: French architecture with origami 

Friday: Trivia winners announced


“One thing that the activities let me do is allow me to get to know and interact with students that I don’t normally get to see, and interact with students I see outside of the classroom and in the hallways…” Madame Worley-Peterson said.  “I enjoy getting to meet some new students.” 

Of all of the cultural events offered, the cheese tasting event was a favorite. 

“It was exciting to get to taste things I usually don’t get to eat,” sophomore Scott Kruse said. 

As for the trivia winners, seven people submitted answers, and the top three winners were juniors Braden Sauer and Jack Hermsen, and sophomore Sydney Howe. 

“I learned a lot of new facts from all of the trivia stuff, and a lot of different things…”  Howe said. “I really enjoyed it, and I had so much fun throughout the week.”