Welcome to the Knitting, Crochet Club


Vivian Wu

Crochet/Knitting Club founder, junior Ocn Brown, ready to go with her knitting supplies.

Vivian Wu, Web/Print/Multimedia Editor; Videographer

Do you ever walk around and see someone bent over with half a scarf made between two needles? Nowadays, it is not too rare to find someone exactly like that at school, and chances are, that person is probably part of the Crochet/Knitting Club. For those looking for a place to make new friends and learn a new hobby, the Crochet/Knitting Club is seemingly the perfect place to start.

The club was founded by junior Ocn Brown who was first introduced to knitting in 2019. 

“I started crocheting because my friend brought me to a flex they had at Southview,” Brown said. 

Ever since then, knitting has become a crucial part of Brown’s life.

“I would say [knitting] is pretty important [to me]. I do it daily, as much as possible. It just helps me destress,” Brown said. “I started the club because I wanted to meet people who have the same interests as me and who might want to find a new hobby that they would enjoy!” 

Brown teaches members to knit and helps them with various projects. Members can socialize and create new bonds. Sophomore Jamie Froelich is a member who joined because her friends were in the club. 

“I’m really interested in that [knitting] in general, but I just thought it would be a nice place to spend my Fridays,” Froelich said.

Since then, she has continued to make new friends and spend her Friday afternoons in the Crochet/Knitting Club.

“You just can go in there and sit with your friends and work on any [knitting/crocheting] projects… and there’s plenty of people there to teach you the basics if you don’t already know them,” Froelich said.

The club has gained lots of traction since its initial creation.

“We’ve had a pretty good turnout so far. I’m pretty sure we’re at 20-25 right now, and we’re still growing,” Brown said. “It’s only been week 3, I’m pretty sure.” 

In the future, Brown hopes to create volunteer opportunities through the club.

“I’m planning on bringing it up and seeing if we can do a hat drive for Silvercord [this] winter,” Brown said.

With so much potential, it seems as though the club will have even more to offer in the future. For those looking to start a new hobby, socialize with others, and have a fun time, the Crochet/Knitting Club seems to be the place to do that. It can be found in room 2203 every Friday from 4:00-4:45 PM.

“It’s a great way to join a community with people who have the same interests as you do,” Brown said.