Holiday shopping gift guide


Elisabeth Poock

Gift shopping is one of the most recognized traditions each holiday season. What is your plan for gifting this season for the ones you love?

Elisabeth Poock, Staff Reporter; Social Media Manager

The holidays are quickly approaching, and with this comes the tradition of gift-giving. Giving gifts to others has been a tradition since cavemen were around, however, it continues to get more difficult to buy for the people you love. With all of the supply chain shortages this year, it is even more critical to be prepared and start shopping earlier. Everyone has different interests and gifts that they desire, so truly taking the time to think about what the special people in your life might want improves the gift-giving quality. 


  • Prospective College Students

As students continue their way through high school, they need to start thinking about what they are going to do with their future. According to Admissionsly, about 69 percent of high school graduates go on to college. It is very helpful for those going to college to get gifted things that will be useful for them in the near future.


Laptop (MacBook)

A laptop is critical for any prospective college student to have. All of their homework, studying, and possibly even classes can be done on one device. Having a good quality laptop that will last for many years will help them forever.


Cookbooks (vegan)

Many high school students haven’t learned how to cook or any good recipes to cook. With them going out on their own for possibly the first time, it is important they know how to cook some types of food, even if they have a dining plan. They won’t have anyone to rely on to cook for them constantly, so they will have to learn to do it themselves.



With the new adventure of college comes the exciting time of decorating their dorm. Everyone has different styles, which is why this beanbag comes in many different colors. It will be nice for them to have a place where friends can sit when they come to their dorm.


Board/Card Games

Entertainment and having a social life are both very important things for college students to be able to make new friends after high school. Having a few smaller board or card games will help them be able to have a fun time with their friends for a very low price and a long time.


Extension Cord

With being in dorm rooms, the number of outlets is few and far between, so an extension cord is very important. With all of the chargers needed for things like laptops, phones, or even room decor, having multiple outlets are critical.


North Face Backpack

Transporting all materials from place to place and to all of their classes helps ensure that they are able to succeed in all of their classes. Having a backpack that is able to carry all of their materials and one that is supportive, can improve their quality of life. 


  • Athletes 

Schools everywhere have sports teams, which play a critical role in school spirit. Whether people play for the school teams, for club teams, or just for fun, many athletes want gifts useful for staying healthy and active. 


“I think they would be useful because everyone can use them no matter what sport they are in and they will be used frequently,” senior volleyball and soccer player Maddie Foels said. “They are also things you can have multiples of so you don’t have to worry about them already owning one or some because they can always use more.”


Foam Roller

With all of the numerous practices, athletes have sore muscles all of the time. To be able to gain flexibility, mobility, and just be able to function better at their sport, foam rolling is a wonderful thing that helps ensure they are better. 



Another way to aid athletes in recovery is by gifting them a TheraGun. Similar to the foam roller, this helps with muscle relaxation and repair after many long practices and games. 



Athletic wear is very useful for these athletes who have rehearsals every day. Using it on a regular basis makes it a very impactful gift for those who receive it. Lululemon has good quality clothes that last a long time and are supportive during intense workouts.



Listening to music during workouts makes them much easier. It is more motivational to be able to focus on something else than the pain you are going through. It can also be a good calming and motivating tool to have and use before competitions.


Gift cards to Scheels

Gift Cards are a versatile gift that everyone can use, especially with all of the specific training equipment that is necessary for all of the sports and training needed. Scheels especially has a plethora of sports equipment and other outdoor activities.


Hydro flask 

Staying hydrated is a critical part of staying healthy and ready for athletes. These are especially nice because they keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for long periods of time. Straw lids are also very important as according to Runners World, people are more likely to consume more water by using a straw.


  • Artists

Not only do athletes play a big role in the culture of schools, but artists do too. From true artists, amateur artists, or even people who are involved in the performing arts, all of them play a critical role in the life and heartbeat behind the school. Since everyone has different artistic preferences, it can be difficult to buy gifts for artists, but they deserve it as much as anyone else. No matter what type of art they prefer, they will appreciate the chance to do something new and expand their horizons. 


Tombow Markers

Different mediums are fun to experiment with and provide a new source of art. 

“They are double-ended brush pens, so you can get strokes that are similar to watercolor brushes and then precise lines also, so it makes drawing really nice and hand-lettering easy too,” senior Katie Hernandez said.


Gem by number

A spin-off of paint or color by number, gem by numbers is a great stress reliever. Doing these is very soothing and can provide a bit of relaxation and peace during a rough time. These can be purchased in many patterns, including the artists’ favorite piece of artwork to personalize it more.


Craftsy Subscription

If someone loves to learn about different mediums of art, this is the gift for them. This is a subscription to a service that is similar to MasterClass. Craftsy has a lot of videos that teach new skills over a variety of topics.


Leather Paint Brush Roll

For the painter in life, a place to store their brushes is critical in making sure they all get preserved and stored safely. Paintbrushes are very expensive, and to have a concise and organized way to find all of their brushes they could use a brush roll. 


Monogrammed Paint Water Cup

Painters use whatever they can find as a water cup, so why not get them something that will be very useful in the long run. This specific cup has a divot for your paintbrush to go in, as well as some to brush off excess water. The personalization of this makes it a more meaningful gift.


Prisma Colored Pencils

Having good quality colored pencils can act as a very diverse medium in art. These ones specifically are very pigmented and blendable, which is very nice for artwork. The colors all work together well, and there are a plethora of shades available. 


  • Entertainment Lovers

More and more places are beginning to open up again, so that provides more opportunities for activities to do. Entertainment is all around the world and with the increase of books, movies, and music being produced, there are more things to do than ever before. With the stressors of life, school, and everything in between, entertainment can be a good distraction.

“I love to give gifts that have entertainment value because they serve as great stress relievers,” head librarian Jenny Wirtz said. “Seems like the world we live in is very stressful these days, and everyone needs an outlet. Entertainment gifts are a great outlet!”


Subscription to the Book of the Month Club

For a book lover, it is always difficult to figure out which books they may or may not want to read. This service allows them to pick their favorite book out of five selections for the month and then it will get sent to them. This allows for them to have freedom in which book they want, while also giving them a meaningful gift.


Vinyl records

The 70s are coming back with vinyl records. 

“He’s [Nephew is] into vinyl and asked me to pick him something from ‘back in the day’ he might like,” Wirtz said. “So I purchased him the soundtrack from the original “Footloose” movie. It was one of my favorite soundtracks when I was in high school.”


Popcorn Seasoning 

For a food and entertainment lover, a movie night popcorn bundle is a great gift. This gives people the freedom to choose which type of popcorn and seasoning they want to eat. 


What-to-Watch dice

Indecisive people always need help making decisions. These dice can help eliminate the stress of choosing a movie to watch by having multiple sides that show a variety of categories that movies could fit into. The only thing left to do after rolling the dice is to choose a movie.


Movies Poster 

If there is an avid ‘classics’ movie watcher that you need to give something for, this is the gift for them. Most of the iconic or classic movies are listed on this scratch-off board in which they will be able to reveal a picture of the movie when they scratch it off.


Ticket Stub Diary 

With many places like Broadway, plays, and other in-person entertainment places opening up, getting a memorabilia book for ticket stubs is a wonderful gift. It is a great way to help them organize their favorite things, while also looking cute and keeping all the tickets safe. 


  • Travelers 

With all the exchange and travel opportunities happening around the school, travelers are everywhere. Travel is very expensive and people need all of the help they can get to achieve their dreams. Getting the opportunity to travel and learn about different cultures and traditions is critical in gaining empathy and understanding. 


Adventure Scrapbook

This scrapbook intertwines the adventures of traveling to new places, as well as serving as a memorabilia book for these special times. In particular, this scrapbook has ideas of things to do with different people, such as family or friends. 


Destinations Book

Books can be an amazing way to figure out where someone wants to travel. From the beautiful pictures to the amazing lodging and activity recommendations, learning about a country before visiting is an important part of understanding the reasons and culture behind everything in a place.


World Food Subscription Box

Since travel is so expensive, why not bring the countries to them. With this subscription box, people are sent a plethora of food from other countries right to their doorstep. They can still learn about the cultures and try new foods without even having to leave their house.


Anker Powercore

Keeping devices charged is always a struggle, especially when on airplanes, or even just traveling for long distances. This specific power brick keeps devices charged for extended periods of time. 


Passport Cover 

Since pickpocketing can be a worry for travelers, this is a simple and easy way to keep important documents close to you at all times.

“When I traveled it was the best thing to keep my passport always safe with me and take it out whenever I want to,” Mais Abbas said. 


Away Carry-On

Luggage is such a critical piece of transporting souvenirs, clothing, and many other things from place to place. It is much easier to go through airports with good quality, sturdy pieces of luggage. Having four wheels also makes going through the airport much easier, as it can roll it next to, in front of, or behind.


Flight Adaptors

With the differing electrical currents & wattages from country to country, charging electronics can be very difficult. This is why adaptors come in handy, especially right after landing. 

“I had to buy it for a big amount in one of the airports because I had to have it immediately when things are different from one country to another,” Abbas said. “You basically use it for most of the devices.”


  • Foodies

Food is a distinct way to show love and adoration for those special people in life. According to Headspace, the sixth, unrecognized love language is food. Special memories can be shared over food and emotions can be represented through cooking food. It can be a bonding tool and something to fully express your love to others without words. 


Milk Frother

As fancier at-home drinks have become more popular, owning a milk frother has become more useful. Especially for those who like to make their own coffee, this can help dampen some of the strong coffee flavors, without just adding pure sugar.


French Press

Coffee is such a critical part of so many people’s early morning routine. It helps wake them up and get them ready for a long day ahead, so a coffee press is a great choice. This means they won’t have to spend as much money at coffee shops, and they can just stay at home all morning. 


Churro Maker

Making desserts for snacks is such a fun pastime. With this churro maker, it is way easier to make the proper shapes for churros. Not to mention all of the recipes included with this bundle. Churros bring back youthfulness and can be reminiscent of childhood. 


Delish Recipe Calendar

Figuring out what recipe to cook on a daily basis is a very difficult task. This calendar helps make it easier, giving someone a recipe a day. This is an easy way to broaden one’s palate and make their life easier in deciding what to make for the day. 


Macaron Kit 

The perseverance and determination it takes to make macarons are incredible. If there’s someone who loves a challenge and loves to bake, this is the gift for them. All of the challenges in making macarons bring a high reward with amazing pastries. 


Cast Iron Fondue Set

Since food is a love language for many, sharing food with other people is such a bonding experience. Hanging out with friends while eating food makes some of the best memories that will impact lives forever. Not to mention, fondue is pretty amazing on its own.