Peppermint mocha: Coffee Review

Want to know where to find the best peppermint mocha in Ankeny? Well, you’re in luck. All the answers are right here…


Brianna Peterson

Where can one find the perfect peppermint mocha for this holiday season? This iced peppermint mocha from Starbucks is one of five reviewed.

Brianna Peterson, Staff Reporter

1. Coffee-Mate Peppermint Mocha ($3.59 for 32 fl oz)

For me, making a nice cup of peppermint mocha at home is the best warm and cozy you could possibly get. Everything is up to you, and everything you add can be exactly to your liking. What more is there to love?

I personally can’t get enough of Coffee-Mate’s peppermint mocha creamer, and every coffee brand I’ve tried it with has ended with a great result. This is my overall favorite and the one I recommend the most for this winter season.

2. Caribou Coffee: ($4.55 for Medium)

Caribou makes one of my favorite iced and hot peppermint mochas, and it’s second on my list for this winter season. It has the perfect amount of mocha and peppermint to satisfy, and it is the peppermint mocha that I prefer the most.

To make this even better, Caribou’s mint condition mocha is almost the exact same thing, making this a year-round drink for mocha and mint lovers alike.

3. Starbucks: ($5.45 for Grande)

Starbucks iced peppermint mocha was a little bit of a letdown for me. The peppermint is not as prominent as it could be, and mocha is the defining flavor. It’s still good, but it’s lacking what I’m really looking for, and because of this, I have to put it at number three. It just didn’t hit the spot.

4. Scooter’s Coffee: ($4.75  for Medium)

Scooter’s is one of my favorite coffee shops, but I was disappointed when I took my first sip of their iced peppermint mocha. It was as if I purchased a normal iced mocha. The peppermint nowhere to be found.

Their hot peppermint mocha, on the other hand, had exactly what I was looking for. The peppermint was there and gave that wonderful warm winter feeling I was craving. If you are searching for a peppermint mocha, Scooter’s hot mocha is definitely the way to go.

5. McDonald’s Iced Peppermint Coffee ($3.49 for Medium)

Watered-down junior mints are the only way I can think to describe this winter-themed coffee. It almost did not taste like coffee at all, and those of my family that tried it came to the agreement that it was watered down and our least favorite of the coffee we tried at McDonald’s, which is surprising because they are normally pretty good.

I would not recommend it, and this is definitely at the bottom of my list for peppermint coffee.