Ankeny local election results

The 2021 local election results for Ankeny Mayor, City Council, and School Board are in


Jemma Bullock

The 2021 Ankeny School Board, City Council, and Mayoral election winners.

Jemma Bullock, Staff Reporter; Movie Reviewer

The polls for the 2021 elections for Ankeny School Board, City Council, and Mayor closed on Nov. 2 at 8 p.m. and results were coming in 21 minutes later. The official election results were posted at 8:55 p.m. the same day by the Polk County Auditor, Jamie Fitzgerald.

Ankeny Mayor-Elect Mark. E. Holms earned a total of 14,371 votes. Holms received 8625 (59.91  percent) and opponent Micheal Moore received 5746 (39.91  percent) of the votes. 

“I am excited to transition into a leadership role rather than a policy role, which I fulfilled during my years on the City Council. So I’m excited to have a more prominent role in the community to help more people out,” Holms said.

City Council winners are Kelly Whiting and Joe Ruddy. With a total of 27,280 votes cast, Whiting received 7911 (28.96 percent) and Ruddy received 7381 (27.02 percent) of the votes. Opponents Bill Lu received 6172 (22.59 percent) and Nathan Willard received 5816 (21.29 percent) of the votes.

Ankeny School Board winners are Joy Burk, Trent Murphy, and Sarah Barthole. With a total of 46,690 votes cast, Burk received 8503 (18.20 percent), Murphy received 8388 (17.95 percent),  and Barthole received 8165 (17.48 percent) of the votes. Opponents Lori Lovstad received 7316 (15.66 percent), Lori Bullock received 7282 (15.59 percent), Shelly Northway received 6564 (14.05 percent), and Christian Mathew Holtz received 472 (1.01 percent) of the votes. 

¨I want to start working with the students… I want to make sure that all students know that they have someone in the district who supports them and someone who will listen,” Burk said. “I want to start listening to the community and making sure that everyone gets a voice and that everyone is heard.” 

To recap, the 2021 election winners are Mayor-elects Mark E. Holms, City Council-Elects Kelly Whiting and Joe Ruddy, and School Board-Elects Joy Burk, Trent Murphy, and Sarah Barthole.

Newly elected School Board members’ term will begin on Nov. 16, while newly-elected City Council members and the Mayor-Elect’s term will begin January of 2022.